Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

To be a Monk is some kind of Exile.
He lives differently than all the rest of the world and only by his own choice.
Have you ever wondered what it feels to be a monk? What do they do? What their activities are?
Here’s a beautiful video of one monk at ISKCON Kathmandu, Nepal.

SHAKTI - 12/07/2017
This film shows something truly unique if not to say phenomenal. Whilst the entire globe as if runs for money & 'honey', these monks show what simple living - high thinking is and how to be genuinely happy :)

Everyone has their priorities but the one that links us to the absolute truth is the one that everyone should follow. What these monks sacrifice and what level of tranquility they get can be described in some dept but to realize one have to live such an aesthetic life. Fortunate are such souls who can leave behind all unnecessary to focus that which matters most.

SVETA - 12/07/2017
Very nice and amzing movie. It is gave me understanding how monks lives and spend the time. Evryone have different life and someone choose the way of monk and trying to do people around happy and gives us chance to think about God.

KISHAN - 12/07/2017
Incredible film. Such beauty and simplicity. I've loved watching the whole thing. It is beautifully presented and the camera angles are incredible. It gives you inspiration to continue and explore the path of the monk. Thank you to the film producers!

MAHARZANS - 12/07/2017
Awesome !! I love the story and the way presented. The monk in the film looks happy though everything seems and sounds simple. I would love to meet the monk and the maker of this film... keep it up!

SAYAN - 11/07/2017
Amazing storytelling! An original masterpiece by Laurynas Bolnis, one of the most talented film-makers, once again leading the audience to an enthralling saga! With sheer elegance he portrays the life of a real monk in this remarkable film.

KALKI MANSEL - 11/07/2017
requis - required - لازم I thought this was a wonderful film, it was a wonderful insight and it was beautifully captured, the light, the mood, it really was just amazing. I hope to see more of your films.

YUCCA - 11/07/2017
deeply emotional movie, achieved without any narration but through the perfect composition of great lighting and music effects. it leaves the viewer in tranquility and happy at the end, a reflection of the monk's day.

INHABITOR - 11/07/2017
After watching this video, somehow, I want to experience (even a fraction) of life in this temple. This video tells a great story about a great dedication to spirituality & joy & love & life & religion? But still, I have some questions though. Thanks to the author of the video, for showing us, the positive variety of the world.

MICK THOMAS - 11/07/2017
Very atmospheric sound. Inspiring content. Showing spiritual activities inside and out of the temple. Beautiful scenery. All round, very well presented. If I get the chance I would visit the place in this film. I met the filmmaker in the UK and have watched some of his other offerings.

AURIMAS - 11/07/2017
Very emotional video. Seems like not very informative at first, but exactly this keeps you watching till the end and leaves you wishing to go deeper into thinking about what you just saw and engage to search for answers. Perfect composition of sound, video and emotion.

MARIA INES - 30/06/2017
Très belle réalisation. Même si la tradition hindouiste est très différente de l'Islamique, elle célèbre aussi la vie et, toute somme, la générosité divine. Documentaire impécable du point de vue technique et narratif.

ALI - 28/06/2017
Superbe vidéo, très bien tournée. Les moines ont vraiment l'air d'être épanouis, ils expriment également leur très grand bonheur. J'ai bien aimé la séance de yoga sur la rivière. J'aurais aimé plus d'explications sur ces moines.


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