Post ceremony press release


Salam aleikoum wa rahmatullah  wabarakatuh,

The first Mokhtar Festival left a mark on the history of Muslims in France. It was an unheard of and federating moment which resulted in casual encounters, unsuspected reunions, the opportunity for families and friends to gather, and for others to fulfil a commitment or support a cause. 

The audience laughed at one moment, teared-up at the next all the while feeling elated by such an event. It is indeed a true evidence of how united we can be around constructive, peaceful and humanly enhancing values: sharing and accepting, being courageous and patient.

Far from being an ending and an unforgettable souvenir, it is just the beginning of an adventure and the springboard of future projects which will most definitely make an impact and seal the community.

It is ‘our’  gift. It is ‘our’ success.

Yesterday, we have confirmed what was already known, and that is that nothing is as powerful as a united Ummah and nothing is stronger than hope ; especially the one of a dignified community, ready to take up the challenge of its own blossoming, here below and hereafter.

Before meeting up for the second edition of the Festival, in 2014, let’s congratulate once again the winners of 2013:

–          1st prize: The Green Thread by Sara Sayd

–          2nd prize: Sunna by Hicham Ismaili

–          3rd prize: Just Look at the Sea by Sofiane Benabdallah

–          And the winner of the International Category: Fate by Neffati Mohamed-Ali.

I wish to applaud the 80 filmmakers as well as their production teams !

Last but not least, I want to thank the staff and the individuals behind this incredible ceremony and that is the organisers and the volunteers : all those women and men who worked in secrecy and made this festival possible.


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See you at the next ceremony !

Allâhu Akbar Kabira Wal Hamdu Li-Llah Kathira

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