3 December
What is France turning into?


This is the question we repeatedly asked ourselves last year, after the Charlie attack. Back then we chose to explore the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Today, the face of France seems to toughen up even more. The state of emergency, the political approach towards migrants, the rampant scapegoating as the elections approach, the sheer absurdity of the debates in the society: it’s all falling apart. What’s happening to France? We’d like to answer this question with moving images.

Images that resonate with the theme of the Festival this year: exile. In a much broader meaning, which goes beyond the French context, the notion of exile concerns anybody experiencing heartbreak and separation. We see exile as an indicator of the relationship we have with ourselves, others, with society at large, Earth and history. Furthermore we think of exile as in physical or spiritual asylum.

Three films will be screened on 3 December to answer this essential question and allow us to go back in time, in a rich and intense programme of debates and masterclass.

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