Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

A young woman recalls benefits of the teachings of  Prophet Muhammad to face the agitated news unfavorable to the image of her religion.

Une jeune femme se rémémore les bienfaits des enseignements du Prophète Muhammad (sws)  pour affronter son présent agité par des actualités peu favorables à l’image de sa religion.

MARJAAN - 16/01/2016
Very professionally filmed, with diverse cast and various locations shown. A simple and beautiful concept is poetically expressed in the narrator's voice. Overall effective use of language, soundtrack and visuals.

Wonderfully done! Beautiful cinematography and great message. The imagines have a deep effect on the overall theme and story of the film. The first part of the film captures feelings of many , feeling so judged for something they haven't done! And then reassurance With remembrance of the beautiful message of the Messenger (PBUH) and the true purpose of the Fatih of Islam. Thank you for this amazing work.

SAMER - 14/01/2016
Wonderful film really!! Amazing cinematography, liked how the title of the film was employed creatively, the main message was delivered to people using good words, nice music, effective ideas for scenes. The director just nailed it. Very professional,,, BRAVO

YALIN - 14/01/2016
In these days of divisiveness and rampant misunderstandings, this short film is a refreshingly beautiful attempt to unite, and reweave our societies. We need more of this genre of, well thought out, contextually accurate and sensitive, respectful, thought provoking, and high quality productions like this to educate each other in order to strengthen our union and solidarity of our humanity.

BASSAM - 14/01/2016
Great cinematography. The visuals towards the end of the film of various people of different ages and ethnicities really struck a chord to remind me how universal the pilgrimage to Makkah is. Well done, you've shown a glimpse of beauty in a few short minutes.

TAMER - 14/01/2016
A film that absolutely deserves recognition. Creative idea, powerful ending, smooth movement between scenes, showing different sects, great visuals-cinema quality film, lovely music, influential script that tackled the core of faith, showing that our prophet changed people to the best and on top of that giving muslims hope that the light will come one day so we should remain strong and believe in the "light within". Thank you for such a film.

AFSHAN - 14/01/2016
This film resonated with me and brought tears to my eyes. In a world where all we hear about is tragedy and violence, it was incredibly moving to be reminded of the message or mercy, forgiveness, peace and love the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) brought to all mankind. I loved the transitions from urban London to the harsh desert landscape.

RAWAN - 14/01/2016
A beautiful yet powerful short film made in a very skillfull, professional way. The message is presented in a very creative scheme and suits to be watched by all doubters. I loved the ending very much. From all angles, this is a winning film. Just a complete film starting from the idea, arranging scenes till implementation. All the best

SO - 14/01/2016
A poetic short film about how people sought for Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) wisdom and prayed to have his character; and it is about how worrisome it is to see how times have changed. Actually, to say "times have changed" would be inaccurate because even at the time of Prophet Muhammad, he and his followers were seen as 'ghurabah', or strangers. They were unwelcomed in their own towns and felt oit of place because they were preaching against corruption (like the abuse of women and the poor) and against bad character Like the drunkards and the deceit/lies that occured between people). Not much has changed these days. If anything, people are more tolerant of other faiths, including Islam. The only unfortunate truth is that after all the knowledge and the abilities to attain thay knowledge, we still have the same ignorant souls attacking Muslims.

ABU JIRO - 14/01/2016
A very powerful film. In a world where darkness is spreading, this film offers the solution of hope, love and mercy. This is an absolutely critical message, especially for Western audiences - to show that the antidote to fear, tyranny and corruption is the way and message of love, mercy and peace of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The sister in the film is a powerful symbol of that light and mercy manifest in our modern world.

FATEMAH - 14/01/2016
Beautiful and poetic. This film touched my heart deeply. It is very relevant to what's happening with Muslims today. I was hoping for it to be longer, but then I realized that it probably wouldn't have felt as powerful if it was longer.

LOULWA DAJANI - 14/01/2016
This is the most professional film in this competition with high quality effects. It is not a film by a talented director only, the director put all his skills in this film. Every detail is well presented, the whole idea of the film is brilliant, realistic without exaggeration, it is different since I have never seen something like it among this festival or in our muslim world. Great job

PROF G - 14/01/2016
A touching and delicately woven message of hope and peace in the struggle of Muslims around the world to cope with the adverse messages and misattribution of what Islam is all about All things said, Islam is inner and outer Peace

LEILA K - 14/01/2016
This movie provides an astounding and emotional message of fraternity and peace in a world that sees Islam and Muslims as the enemy The personal story illustrated here is part of the struggle Muslims have to endure everywhere

DG - 14/01/2016
Wonderful and endearing presentation of the messages of Islam and how they convey a peaceful and engaging interaction with the communities of the world Islam is Peace and this documentary illustrates it beautifully

DAVID - 14/01/2016
Excellent documentary film that illustrates the uniquely peaceful facets of Islam both for inner and outer good Improved understanding of Islam and Muslims in their great variety and form around the worl should enhance the multicultural understandgin of humanity

J - 14/01/2016
Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ Love for the prophet ﷺ

LEANNE - 14/01/2016
The true beauty of Islam....really well written and produced had me in goosebumps....really a feel good watch .....would love to see more. Portrays th diversity of Islam and the real message which the world needs to see.

ZAYTUNE - 14/01/2016
This is a brilliant short, story, film, spoken word piece. It takes us on a universal journey to understanding and peace. We need this now! Amazing directing, editing and narration. I would love to see more....

KHADRA - 14/01/2016
I support this film as it shows how a Muslim goes about their normal daily life - like everybody else. I also really like how the reflections of the girl about Prophet Muhammed SAW are presented to us. Really nice reminders aswell masha Allah.

NURA - 14/01/2016
I support this film because it shows us how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been sent as a mercy for this whole universe, teaching us how to spread peace everywhere in order to bring solace to our anguished heart..

SALMAN SHEIKH - 14/01/2016
I support this film and this message because now more than ever it brings to light issues that have become clouded with darkness, and confusion is rampant in the minds of individuals. This is a powerful message which speaks on behalf of the billion muslims worldwide, on the deep spirituality, love and what this whole journey is all about for them. The Messenger of God, is the jewel of their heart.

QUTUB - 14/01/2016
Absolutely loved this wonderfully directed and produced film! It beautifully reflects the great challenges and difficulties faced today by Muslims around the globe. Would love to see more such production in the future which people can easily resonate with, while also keeping it real. Great job.

IKRAM - 14/01/2016
In a few short moments this beautiful film captures the essence of the Light of our Beloved Rasul Alaihisalatuwasalam. In these times of trials and darkness, the hearts are that which illuminate the path of clarity. I pray that humanity sees this light and walks this path, ameen.

MARYAM A. - 14/01/2016
Loved this short film! The script was beautifully written and the scenes were perfect. It was spoken so eloquently by the young woman. The challenge faced by the character in the film resonates with me, especially during these difficult times where Muslims are frequently brought down.

JESSICA RUGG - 14/01/2016
I support this film because it highlights some of the issues of our time but it also gives us hope. It not only has some very beautiful scenes in it but it goes back and forth through time as well. We have the modern world juxtaposed with the time less truths. Therein lies the solution to our problems. Love and light will triumph over darkness. It's a very beautiful message.

SR. HEATHER - 14/01/2016
What a beautiful film. It is a great representation of the messages in Islam. Celebrate Mercy's work has such a good solid foundation by promoting Islam in a manner that is relevant and for everyone. !

MARWA ABUWAFIA - 14/01/2016
I believe that following the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is the light that guides us and ties to the Almighty. Allah has given his creatures this conscience within that silently yet deeply tells right from wrong. We should listen to that sound and follow the footsteps of our ultimate mentor.

YOUSEF - 14/01/2016
I really like this short film. It ery eloquently shows the reason why muslims love our prophet Muhammad saw. I liked the transition from the desert to the living thriving city as well. if I would give it some critique, then perhaps It'd be interesting if it was shown how the prophet's saw teachings has resonated with humanity as a whole as well.

SOFIA - 14/01/2016
Beautiful video and a great representation of Islam's message, Celebrate Mercy's work has such a good solid foundation by promoting Islam the simplest way: showing it for what it is, beautiful! Share and comment!

MARWA - 14/01/2016
This beautiful film eloquently depicts the light and tranquility we can inwardly and outwardly cultivate from the life and teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad. May it serve as a means to spread his timeless message of mercy.

MEHMET - 14/01/2016
The live for the Prophet (saw) can only be understood if you truly know him. Love for him isnt just empty love. Love for him is not the way you love your mom, dad, family, wife, kids or anybody. The love you have for him has a divine taste. And this film makes that love burst out of you and is titled the best way it can be because it really is the light within.

NAJWA - 14/01/2016
I feel this video unites humanity as a whole and sheds positivity during a time where a lot of wrong is taking place, some sadly in the name of religion. It spreads the message of peace and love and helps removes negative stereotypes.

AE - 14/01/2016
This short video does a great job of conveying the true essence of Islam. From the settings, to the people, to the poetry - everything is beautiful. Amazing job in the creation of this piece... best of luck in the competition!

MA - 14/01/2016
May the peace and blessings be on Muhammad the final messenger sent as a mercy to all the worlds and is the Beloved of God. The film shows the importance of showing mercy and love. It is such a wonderful film that praises the Beloved.

BEEBS - 13/01/2016
Beautiful. This truly captures the peace, love, and diversity that is Islam, and how it was reflected in the character of Prophet Muhammad who was the conduit for it. People from all walks of life of every race have flocked to it- Could it possibly be more evident that RasulAllah was a mercy to all mankind?

MAY - 13/01/2016
Very inspiring and beautiful film. It portrays the true and simple message of Islam in a clear and captivating way. We need more films like that to spread the true message of Islam and clear miss conceptions.

NACèRA - 13/01/2016
Speechless. Il m'a rarement été offert de percevoir notre bien aimé prophète d'une manière aussi sublime. Le voyage, le chant, les couleurs, la joie, la bonté, l'espoir, ce film témoigne de tant d'Amour. J'aime imaginer le bien aimé le contempler.

RIFET - 13/01/2016
This short film is simply beautiful. It executes the message of love beautifully. It gives hope for humanity and rejuvinates the purpose of our existence. May the love of the prophet pbuh blossom in everybody's hearts. He is the beacon of our lives which this short film has portrayed. Peace and blessings on the prophet and his family. Amen. Well done everybody!

UMM YASSER - 13/01/2016
The Light Within is a beautiful short film that evokes strong emotions of courage and determination for the plight of the Muslim people. It portrays the struggles of Muslims throughout history and across all ethnic boundaries while beautifully reminding them of the example of the love and patience that the Prophet had in all times of hardship. This is a necessary reminder for Muslims to return back to their fundamental values as exemplified by the the Prophet and to never lose hope as long as they are on his path.

AMHAR - 13/01/2016
This was truly an inspiring video showcasing struggles that we as Muslims face. It's time we spread the message as much as we can and I appreciate the hard work that went into this. I wish you all the best with the video!

IBRAHIM - 13/01/2016
Film touchant, rempli d'espoir, j'aurais aimé qu'il soit un long métrage! On ne voit pa suffisament d'histoires aujourd'hui qu sont absent de violence, sexe et vulgarités. Le metteur en scène a bien réussi de garder l' intérêt pendant tout le film. Bravo!

FH - 13/01/2016
This film moved me to tears and resonates with me as I step out each day with my young children. We must share this true and merciful Prophetic light despite the headlines and hatred and misinformation.

MONA - 13/01/2016
SubhanAllah, this short film moved me to tears. The cinematography, music, and message are so captivating. May Allah bless all those who have worked on this film and reward them for every person that is motivated to do good after watching it. Ameen.

BILAL - 13/01/2016
Wow, so proud of such a film!! The director focused I believe to produce a creative yet effective film in a very professional way. The efforts put on this film are obvious- the quality is cinematic, sounds, script, the general concept was tackled in a organized way even the title is inspiring. Very tense and deep film. Liked it

SALMA - 13/01/2016
Very creative and the filming quality is very "high standard". This film shows that the director is a real professional from the idea he inhabited, how the scenes are arranged, the words spoken and many other small details. Bravo bravo bravo

S - 13/01/2016
MashaAllah, very nice video praising the virtues of our Beloved Prophet,the Light Within. It shows how to continue to live in the crazy world and emulate the actions of our Rahmatul Lilalameen. Liked the insertion of the Qasida Burda. Narrated for people of all faiths to understand.

WAHEEDA - 13/01/2016
It's a beautiful film. So poignant! Great job for bringing to light the problems faced and the solution. It's a profound message. Very well picturized and great cinematography. What a beautiful portrayal of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him)'s message and teachings.

YASSER DARR - 13/01/2016
I really enjoyed this short film as it resonated with how I feel about Islam. I am a Muslim and feel that Islam is being taken over by certain fringe groups who use Islam as a justification for their heinous crimes. This video shows the reality of Islam and how the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe it to be. I fully support this video and its noble efforts to bring the true Islam to the world.

S - 13/01/2016
This is a piece of Art. A true reflection of what each of us need to spirited with in these times. May Allah continue to shower us with His Mercy. May He help us in living the zeal of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

SABEENA ALI - 13/01/2016
Masha Allah! This was a beautiful and heart warming film that touched the heart and soul deeply! It was simple yet powerful! A wonderful way to depict the message of Islam and the message of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Well done!!

ANNE - 13/01/2016
A beautiful and inclusive film that crosses time and space. This makes it pertinent to our experience today: for those who grew up Muslim and those of us who embraced the beauty of Islam later in life.

زين الدين - 13/01/2016
الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام دين السلم و السلام ليس لدين الارهاب ولا القتل و لا العنف الاسلام دين الخير دين المحبة دين التسامح دين العفو دين التعاون دين التضامن الاسلام دين صالح لكل زمان و مكان لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

IMRAN QURESHI - 13/01/2016
I like this film. It's composition, script and locations are marvellous. The message is clear. It's a message to the rest of the world that Muhammad (PBUH) was the most kind hearted person ever lived on the face of the earth and those who spread terror are absolutely not his followers.

LEILA HAMOUTI - 13/01/2016
I loved the film because of what made me feel. The message was clear. I liked the structure of the film. The pictures in combination of the text was perfect. Especially that with the little bird.

NADINE BINT TAREK - 13/01/2016
A splendid film that brought tears to my eyes. A brilliant representation of the englightend tradition within the modern experience of a Muslim. Well done to all those involved. This film definitely deserves to be recognised in this life and the next. May ﷲ make it a means of great benefit.

RASHEEDAH - 13/01/2016
MashaAllaah what inspiration and a beautiful reminder of our beloved phrophet PBUH teachings of how we are to conduct ourselves as muslims being kind and loving all of humanity no matter what the challenge we are face with.

NADIRAH - 13/01/2016

I love an support this film because I believe Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to mankind not just Muslims. Beautifully made, very apt. It makes a lot of sense especially the wrongs that are committed in the name of any religion. I hope people watch this and then realise that religion must not be judged by a particular set of peoples' action but by what it really preaches!

ENABAH - 13/01/2016
Thank you for producing this beautiful film! The love and respect for their Prophet is so unique in today's world, and it comes across so clearly. The strength of this film is it's ability to convey their emotions.

FAIZUNNAHAR D. - 13/01/2016
I liked this film, partly due to its wonderful spoken word. Moreover, this also helps to portray the strength of hijabis who try to show devotion to God through their dress code but are criminalized by humans. I hope the film instills light in people's hearts and encourage them to learn more about Islam and the value of hijab.

SHAMILA - 13/01/2016
I absolutely love the cinematography! The expression of emotions and the connection to humanity, across the globe and across time, makes this so beautiful. The religion teaches love, peace and tolerance and teaching that the Prophet PBUH was our human example is imperative

DALENNA - 12/01/2016
Beautiful cinematography! I love love love al the shots of the Muslims around the world. What a wonderful portrayal of the inner dimensions of Islamic faith, and I. Particular the light that emanates from a being who is in love with the prophet and implements his teachings in their lives.

TAREK - 12/01/2016
This film really touched me the most with the images of everyday Muslims with such light on their faces which reflect the light of the Prophet's life and character in their day-to-day lives. The songs were really beautiful as well and made it very emotional.

HASNAA - 12/01/2016
Beautiful film and very creative in the way it tells the beauty of Islam, and the diversity of Muslims around the world. The happy face of the young woman at the end of the film sums it all! The cinematics are absolutely stunning: the movement, light, looks... prove the of the talent producer Adam Shamash!

BASEL E - 11/01/2016
This is an example of a professional film, it delivered the concept in a comprehensive way without adding unwanted things or removing important aspects. using good filming techniques, nice music and appealing words. The exact message every muslim would like to tell the world in a creative, neat way. Well made, Well done. Thanks for such a production. Good luck in the festival

SHELA - 11/01/2016
The filming quality is very good, the idea and the scenes are implemented in a very professional way. it is suitable to be shown at cinema theaters and on televisions,, it is a breathtaking short film. Very powerful and phenomenal. A winning film.

BASMA - 10/01/2016
Simple, moving and effective. No clichés, forthright script that is refreshing to listen to. Strong cinematography that carries powerful symbolism without being esoteric. A thoroughly enjoyable short film.

ISLAH - 10/01/2016
Waw ! MachaAllah ! Très très belle réalisation ! Je pense que cette vidéo recevra le premier prix ! Très beau texte et les images !! Rien à dire, très beauuuuuu !!! MachaAllah. J'ai eu l'impression de voyager en regardant cette vidéo. Voyager à travers les pays mais aussi le temps !

LOAI - 09/01/2016
Excellent !! This is a winning film as well. Very professional in terms of visuals, music, dialogue, the concept, almost everything is well put. So much skills are obvious. It is touching and influential . I just loved it. It can proudly be put on TVs for everyone to watch. I salute the director. Bravo.

ANNA LACHOWSKA - 09/01/2016
Goose bumps and tears from only five marvelous minutes long film - it doesnt happen often. The visiual side is perfectly gentle but strong, sound is gorgeous too , the voice, the music, the echoes. Script is blessingly uplifting and enters the heart like warm desert wind. Just love it love it love. Wouldnt change the slightest bit. Oh and the message is so powerful and wise and inspirational ❤️❤️❤️ Keep it coming ❤️❤️❤️

RAYAN - 08/01/2016
Marvelous short film. The dialogue along with the visuals and the sequence of the scenes and ideas to convey the message, all are made well. Very qualified to win and to be shown on televisions. The title of it also is capturing. Great job

NADS - 08/01/2016
I have this short movie to be very relevant to our times and while short in length it's very engaging. It's inspiring and wish the writers and producers all the best. Looking forward to similar films.

AMINAH BABIKIR - 08/01/2016
This short video had me engaged right from the beginning of the first frame, till the end. Adam's visuals and Sukina's dialogue are a perfect match! Aesthetically beautiful and engaging. Keep them coming :D Hope you win, God willing!

CARLA CANSON - 08/01/2016
Honestly the title attracted me to watch this shortfilm. Very inspirational, how darkness is turned into light and how we should maintain the light we gained from the Prophet. Many scenes arranged beautifully , presented past and present, very professional work in all aspects.

MANAL - 08/01/2016
Un court métrage spirituel .

SUZAN - 08/01/2016
Very good shortfilm. Though it is short I felt it is long because it is comprehensive in my opinion. It is realistic and showed that Prophet Muhammed is the source of change to the best in this life and we have to stick to that source of light even if the surroundings are not a big support of that. Simple, realistic message. Thanks for this movie.

RANIA KILANI - 07/01/2016
This film has so much skills and dexterity. To combine many issues and scenes and put them together in a neat order with other effects, beside making sure the main goal of the film is showing up to the person watching is veryyy smart. The director is not a person with a hobby, he is a professional. Excellent film, should be aired on TVs for the whole world to see and it can be a winner also. Very realistic and i got the "light within" meaning.

SAWSAN - 07/01/2016
The director did a good job in presenting the topic in a professional form. He tried to show different times and how Islam is a religion of light not something else as many assume. He also made the movie based on real facts without fanatic thoughts. He nailed it, the effects, the high quality scenes, the words said... All in all veryyy good

HESHAM - 07/01/2016
I liked the idea to show the difference before Mohamed PBUH starts calling peoplw to Islam and after. So many people around the world does not know anything about the Values that Islam bringed to the world. Thank you for this video

DALIA MASOUD - 06/01/2016
I liked this one too, this one is realistic and can be considered a documentary short film.. Bravooooooo very systematic, organized work.......... ..........

KATE - 06/01/2016
Very professional and very well directed. High quality film in terms of effects, script, sound, moving smoothly from one scene to the other, implementing the title of the film, tackling many topics of islam without making the person watching confused. Congratulations the director nailed it.

NADINE NEJMA - 06/01/2016
I think this short film is a good, complete work to be shown to people who want to know a quick brief about islam. It covered many aspects in islam in a marvelous way. The technology and effects used are very professional, the scenario is good and it is a movie with a goal. Overall I give it 5 stars

FADI SABRI AHMED - 06/01/2016
، الفيلم رائع وجهد مشكور ولكن ما المانع لو استخدمنا مؤثرات صوتية بدل الموسيقى صلى الله وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد خير الخلق كلهم ، وان شاء الله الفوز من نصيبنا، نسأل الله ان يرزقنا صدق اتباع سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.**

LANA MAMI - 06/01/2016
The ideas are well organized and the purpose of the movie is clear. The tempo of it is fast but in a good way, moreover, it is very realistic. It can be a documentary movie also. The director is smart to make such a comprehensive work. Interesting!!

JOSEPH - 06/01/2016
I liked this movie as well. I liked how the scenes are arranged and how the main ideas are all tackled in a neat way without annoying the person watching. The title is inspiring and how the director indulged it in the movie is good. always believe in the light

IBRAHIM - 06/01/2016
مشاء الله جميل جداً عجبني التصوير جداً واختيار الأماكن والأخراج ولكن كان نفسي ان نخرج برة الفكرة التقليدية اننا أعمالنا دائماً مبينة على فكرة الدفاع عن الإتهمات الموجه لنا لازم نخرج برة هذا الفكر ة

KARIM - 06/01/2016
To me this short movie captures two important concepts from the essence of Islam. First, Having trust in ALLAH(swt) in the darkest of moments and being optimistic against all odds since ALLAH is in control of all things, "He can bring life out of death". Second, the institution of Hajj which brings to reality, beyond just words, the belief in the unity of origin, purpose and final destination shared by all humanity.

MOHAMED MEGAHED - 06/01/2016
A great movie, simple, universal. Scenario is perfect, very deep, photography is brilliant. The movies holds a very needed message for Muslims before non-Muslims in these days. Many thanks for translators. May Allah accept your work all. God bless you all

SARAH - 06/01/2016
The movie showed and presented Islam and the prophet PBUH in an inspiring way. With whats hapening now in the world i beleave that many people got the wrong presentation and idea about islam. And this movie presented what islam really is in such a beautiful way so thank you!

AMR ELHUSAINY - 06/01/2016
روعة التصوير وابداع السيناريو وعمق الفكرة .. ابهار تقني فني نادر الحقيقة .. كما أن الفيلم يتناول فكرة إظهار جانب عظيم من جوانب الإسلام أرجو أن تكون سبيل لكشف زيف الصورة المنتشره في الغرب عن الإسلام .. تحياتي

NERMINE - 06/01/2016
A great one .... a Good start to demonstrate how great is our religion and get people to know more about it .

SMAHANE - 06/01/2016
Amazing This video took my breath away !!! I really loved it Thank you so much Everything about our beloved Prophète (sas) is on The senaries are so beautiful I Ishak you van translate it in all languages !!!

BANDAR - 06/01/2016
جميل بل اكثر من ذلك وهناك تنويع بالمشاهد و وضوح الفكره و سهوله الفهم مع غزارة المعنی والمضمون وجودة التصوير و الاخراج والتنقل بين المشاهد اكثر من رایع لقد الهمني و فتح افاق جميله كانت مغلقه شكرا قليله بحقك .

DOUNIA - 06/01/2016

OLA - 05/01/2016
If i was in a jury to vote for a movie, I would pick this one definitely. I support this one for the efforts extended in this movie that you sense throughout your watching. Simple, effective, strong but yet touching. Just lighted the light within us :)

WAFA - 05/01/2016
I am really glad my eyes crossed by this festival site to see this movie, this movie went through many subjects in a short movie which deserves an applause. Most of movies i saw here had one idea but this one is inclusive.

AMR RAWABDEH - 05/01/2016
First of all the title is attractive and the second thing the movie is obviously made by a professional not only a person with a talent. Everything in the movie is well put and well arranged between the past and the present. It is a realistic one that tackled real aspects, unlike other ones in this festival.

KHALED - 05/01/2016
It is a winning movie, for a main reason which is: it combined many aspects and arranged them in a smooth, neat sequence that many audience prefer. Sometimes when a movie has so many ideas if the makers did not make it in a good way the audience may get lost. Excellent

محمد القبيصي - 05/01/2016
فيلم رائع يسحق التكريم، بسيط، مختصر، ملم، لايوجد به حشو ولا اخلال بمعلومات ضرورير، يعرض الحقيصة بدون مبالغة، ، و يعرض الواقع تاذس سشهد بذلك لكن به بعض الاشياء البسيطة غير مفهومة بلا لنسية لي مثلا، اختيار بطلة الفيلم

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