Theme: Exile


Because the matter is highly topical, but also because it runs through the history of Humanity, we have chosen the theme of Exile for this new edition of the Mokhtar Film Festival.

A day doesn’t go by without the mention of people being expelled from their houses. A day doesn’t go by without the feeling that this phenomenon is becoming normalized in the daily flow of images we consume. We think that it’s urgent to offer another perspective on this theme, away from sensationalism and far away from negligence. The art of cinema can tell the dignity of these exiled people and be the space where we record and remember one’s story, either a physical departure or a spiritual journey. We therefore understand the theme of exile in the widest sense: the feeling of strangeness that one can experience when being sidelined and excluded. This feeling also arises when one decides to leave and undertake the great exile: this exile which in the Muslim cosmology renders man a stranger on Earth hoping and waiting for the great return, back to God.
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