Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم
Au sud de l’île de Java, en Indonésie, les pêcheurs ne s’aventurent jamais seuls en mer. A l’exception de Sarjono qui pêche en solitaire, entre labeur et contemplation. Un exil en soi, un exil pour soi.

MOCHAMAD RIZKY - 20/07/2017
Great cinematic, Great story about the guy who unite with the sea, He is just remember about The God, his family. And it feels like freedom. I envy with this guy. It makes me discover more, and disvover another freedom.

FIRASS - 19/07/2017
Film d'une grande beauté, la photographie est top, la simplicité qui se dégage du pêcheur vas droit au but. Le thème de la mer pour évoquer l'exil est bien trouvé. L'exil n'est-il pas un voyage au-delà des cartes, sans boussole - on nous dit que le pêcheur n'en as pas !, le pêcheur (le commun des homme l'est) n'a-t-il pas fait de celui-ci un métier ? Ce film, au-delà des discours, est une allégorie de l'exil.

HABIBA - 05/07/2017
Doc très poétique, spirituel et inspirant. Les images sont époustouflantes et Sarjono nous emporte dans son bateau et nous laisse songeur sur l'exil. Two thumbs up au réalisateur pour ce travail !!!

NAUFAL - 03/07/2017
Excellent yet Touching ! Pesan Pak Joko tentang makna Keadilan tersampaikan dengan sangat dalam. Kepanikan, Ketakutan akan dalam dan kebengisan Samudera dipatahkan oleh keyakinan Pak Joko akan adanya keadlian Tuhan, semata untuk menghidupi Keluarga Tercinta di Daratan. Well Played !

HIREM - 02/07/2017
Je trouve la qualité du film vraiment très professionnelle. Les images, les prises, les séquences sont super bien faites. L’approche au thème de l'exil a également été fait de manière très singulière. Bravo au réalisateur !

K. AULIA R. - 02/07/2017
Keren banget! Vitamin sea + nilai hidup yang luar biasa bikin adem. Memang masing-masing orang punya cara sendiri untuk menghikmati hidup dan mendekatkan diri pada pencipta-Nya. Pun, setiap emosi bisa diredam dengan menggabungkan kemampuan diri dan percaya pada alam. Ya, semesta memang memberikan segalanya pada kita :')

DESCHA VYANA - 02/07/2017
Simple yet touching. This movie makes me rethink about how I live my life. Fear is one of human's biggest enemies and this sailorman taught us how to fight it. I'm pretty much a sea-person myself. So I can relate to what he feels when he's sailing alone in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and the cinematography is also excellent. Tres bien!

DWIMON - 01/07/2017
Short but the story really deep and meaningful. This film teach us how to survive and keep fighting for our family. On the wide sea, Sarjono fight alone and fear nothing along side with his boat named "Joko Samudra". He only fear to the God and keep in faith on Him even though alone on the wide sea. Kudos for the cinematography!

DWIMON - 01/07/2017
Short but the story really deep and meaningful. This film teach us how to survive and keep fighting for our family. On the wide sea, Sarjono fight alone and fear nothing along side with his boat named "Joko Samudra". He only fear to the God and keep in faith on Him even though alone on the wide sea. Kudos for the cinematography!

SHABIA - 01/07/2017
however, when I saw this film -- especially from the opening, I could feel how Bapak Sarjono and his Joko Samudera sail above and beyond The South Ocean -- bringing fishes and hope. How the producer portrayed the south ocean and Bapak Sarjono's figure, it somehow amuse me as an audience.

ANISA SARI ASIH - 01/07/2017
The connection between the universe and his faith as a human being is very deep. Simple, but it shows that he understands himself and his God well. A lifelong lesson that can be learned in 6 minutes.

FAISAL BAIHAQIE - 01/07/2017
It only takes six minutes for the filmmaker to express such view that human is so small compared to the vast ocean, but with perseverance and humility nothing is impossible. The cinematography was done so masterfully that it really makes us feel the serenity of being in the ocean that Sarjono is telling us about.

ANDIN - 01/07/2017
Ce film, avec une définition unique du bonheur. venu à accepter quelque chose que nous faisons et la reconnaissance est le bonheur sans limites. Croyez que Dieu fournit toujours la meilleure façon pour nous.

TYA - 01/07/2017
A simple documentary but, through the storyline, backsong and the sound of nature - it incredibly deliver a deep message to all of us, remarkably touching. I love the way he believe in God on whatever he do and risk for their life is for a purpose - to live his family.

This movie is different, simple but anazing. This movie has a deep meaning of life. Beside that the semantics and cynematography were wonderful. Through this movie you can find another meaning in life

HARIZKHA - 30/06/2017
Baguss. Film ini memberikan perspektif lain dari samudra, yg tidak hanya berbicara tentang ombak, air, dan karang, namun lebih dari itu, film ini menunjukkan betapa samudra bisa menjadi tempat yang paling bersahabat tanpa harus menghiraukan keadaannya yg srkaligus dapat menelan nyawa.

DEA APRILIA - 30/06/2017
Technically it has very good cinematography. As Indonesia is a maritime nation with its vast ocean scape. This also reminds me about our old folk song called "Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut" (Our Ancestors were the Seamen). Old sailormen are amazing. They rely on nature to locate and direct themselves and the crew.

SABRE - 30/06/2017
Excellent! Le message du pêcheur nous renvoie à notre propre condition et nous mène à réfléchir à notre relation à Dieu. Le film fait rejaillir en soi la sensation qu'on a lorsqu'on est en voyage ou lorsqu'on va s'installer dans un autre pays. On quitte notre terre ferme, on je se jette à l'eau, on devient seuls, faibles mais rassurés par une foi renforcée. On devient ce pêcheur finalement. La réalisation est super aussi. Bravo!

TIAN - 30/06/2017
Very great documentary film. simple but touching. when he talk about god, destiny and his life. there's remembering me to be always thankful to god for this life. good luck for this great work :) Proud!

The backsound and the storyline make this movie touching and breathtaking. No one ever knows that actually one job simply is very meaningful for someone. I feel goosebumps when i watch this. Pay respect! Good job :')

RIAN AWI - 30/06/2017
Great simple and touching story that I find as a self reflection of what we do everyday and why we do it. There's always a story behind every name even a simple one. But we seldom ask what it really means. Great directing and editing!

MAJANG - 30/06/2017
Good work! Two thumbs up for Mas Tonny and the gank for making this video. So I know how is it to be a fisherman. Mas Joko and I have the same feeling by the way, about the sea. We see it as a perfect getaway from useless noise around us :>

Great short movie ever! Loooooovveeeee this short movie. I hope Indonesia would be the winner. When the poor people always thankfull for his God, and dont care about bad comment from othets people. Proud! ❤️

SABDO - 30/06/2017
greate movie of humanity life in Yogyakarta hope this movie can inspire to other people and will make many video grapher or film maker to make many movie about culture and traditional . sukses selalu ya

I cried as i think about Mr. Sarjono's way of thinking, that he keep be thankful for whatever happens in his life. Such a beautiful yet inspirational short movie. Thanks for reminding me, reminding us.

Great short movie ever! Loooooovveeeee this short movie. I hope Indonesia would be the winner. When the poor people always thankfull for his God, and dont care about bad comment from othets people. Proud! ❤️

SAM - 30/06/2017
Great movie and great shot. Love it. New persepective from a sailor. A smooth sea never made a skillfull sailor. His life so dificult and he found his way to escape, sea. Not just sea i think, that's ocean. Magnificent !!!

SANTOUMBEL - 30/06/2017
Very nice short movie , its meanfully to increase sosial life of javanese people. Thanks God to give beautiful our life . There are so many people and family need the nature to be life . Salam sukses selalu mas tony oscar

ANNISA AULIA - 30/06/2017
This is a great and heartwarming film. The storyline and editing is so amazing! hope it can make it to final and win the festival! Warm regards from all Indonesian supporters. Go go go!!! Lets all vote for this film!

BISMA HAKIM - 30/06/2017
this movie is teach us what's the meaning of silence and loneliness. Lonely are not killing us but loneliness is, and that's what the meaning of exile. Hope this movie will break through competition. Proficiat!

AKIL - 30/06/2017
Very Good short movie. I can relate to his story, when I surf I feel exile too. The charachter is so humble, and inspiring. I think it is important for the youth nowadays to hear some stories from the old generation. It gives a fresh view.Good and original realization.

ALFADEA WINASIS - 29/06/2017
I just watched this movie as my friend recommend me to and never regret to (finally) watch this movie. Cause its such a great movie. Well done and super eye catching. So I totally love it and vote this movie on Mokhtar Film festival

NADA S TAQWA - 29/06/2017
I vote for this movie because this movie is really great. It shows us the beauty of nature, the simplicity of life and how we should be grateful. This movie has a simple story but I got a lot of lesson after watching it.

DELFI - 29/06/2017
Sayaa suka dokumenter ini Banyak yg bisa dipetik, yang jelas berani mengambil langkah terlebih dahulu. Sepertinya lelaki ini sangat percaya Tuhan, bahwa Tuhan adalah segalanya. Tuhan adil dan mendukungnya membentuk kepercayaan diri itu ada

VENDA PRATAMA - 29/06/2017
I wonder how idea about the differences way of life in land and sea could make a touchy feeling but as an anthropology student i think this film isn't deep enough in exploring relation beetwen the fisherman and his wife

DIAH DESI - 29/06/2017
In essence, do not forget to be grateful for God's blessings. Whatever it is, God knows all the decisions of this world. Our task is to try and pray only. This is not just a short film but it is a picture of the real meaning of life. Very inspiring ❤️

BOBY LEBANG - 29/06/2017
Great movie, really great, brilliant ideas i can say. We are reminded again, that we should always see the simple little things that are very influential on others. hope this movie going viral. GREAT!

INDRA SETIAWAN - 29/06/2017
amazing! try to exposed something different perspective of life. simple person, make some happiness with grace of god. big ocean is him friend. Teach me about, life not only for working hard in the office. overall, nature is a real friendship

the otherside of humanity life in Yogyakarta. He teach about something different of era. Make some happiness with grace of god. simple person, just enjoying, apreciate and he found the soul of ocean.

VANIA TAMARISKA - 29/06/2017
Very nice movie! Start with a nice introduction showing us the view of the Yogya's sea. The content itself is a true representation of local fisherman in Indonesia with a special point of view from Mr. Sarjono and his beloved Joko Samudra with its philosophy. Good job!

This short film tells a lot of story and experience. The point of view is interesting. It is potrayed the lives of javanese fisherman which is very simple but meaningfull. Sometimes our choice depends on how we think about something. So please be wise like the fishermen!

I love this movie in a way that it makes me remember about how much I love to go to the beach, just sit there quietly and look at the sea. The sea is like another world within our world; something that has this kind of mysterious air, makes me feel alienated, exiled by the sea.

BONANG SETOAJI - 29/06/2017
I vote this movie, because is very inspiring. IMHO, this movie have a some secret messege about philosophy of life like a: let it flow about your journey, follow your passion, love what you do & do what you love. I love this!

KANIRARAS - 29/06/2017
Just got 'slapped' by the minute after I watched this movie. It gave me another perspective then I realised that there's a lot of little things in life I should be grateful for, and those things can only happen because of God. Thank you for making such an inspiring short movie. Keep up the good work! :)

KANZ AKRAM - 29/06/2017
I love the storyline and the way it brings me to the story. The story is so deep but easy to enjoy. Moreover, I really like the color of this film, most angle of the scenes are perfect! This film deserves a win!

MAKO - 29/06/2017
What a great yet meaningful short film! The story tells us about Indonesian culture of being a fisherman and never forget to communicate with God in every situation. It also tell us about how to be a brave man in wide ocean to find something for the family without any guide (GPS). Such a good work!

DZULFIKAR A. A. - 29/06/2017
This movie gives me a new idea how the sea can be so peaceful with thought like sarjono's. The reflection of fishermen life - humble and trustful of God - inspires me to not afraid of the sea. to know about fishermen culture in indonesia, and how brave a man can be. Great job. Great job.

DINDA - 29/06/2017
This short film is very meaningful. It reminds us that we must remember our God in every condition. The story is represent of almost all fisherman in Indonesia. It's not only talk about how to gain more money for survival, but also how you can get peace in life.

EGIF - 29/06/2017
This short story looks simple but its great. This story tell us more than just being fisherman for him. From him, we learned about how important have faith with God. When you believe in God, you will get peacefulness. And also this story teach us how a job is not only to gain money for survival but also how you can get peace in life.

SSELEMAN - 29/06/2017
it takes only 6 minutes for me to feel the moody island in this movie. especially the fisherman, reminds me to believe in God whatever we do. such a great movie. Il me faut seulement 6 minutes pour sentir l'île malin dans ce film. Surtout le pêcheur, me rappelle de croire en Dieu tout ce que nous faisons. Un superbe film

RINI INDRIANI - 29/06/2017
Sarjono remembers me to my father, who is also a fisherman. When he talks about God, i love that, he's right we have to believe with our Lord in everything we do. This short film is so inspiring. Great job! <3

In this 6 minutes film, it can tell that sea can be so meanful also give a peace for some people , especially for sarjono, the fisherman. he also tell us how he believe in God and have a faith that God never leave him, everywhere, especially at the sea.

ALFIE - 29/06/2017
Now i learn the fisherman prespective , such a great music . Being fisherman is not that easy right .. Mr. Sarjono really love her job i guess But it's gonna be awesome if we can take a peak about Mr. Joko family a lil bit more .

ANAND - 29/06/2017
About 6 minutes of inspiring story, a unique point of view, and show how he believe his God to do anything. He's right, sometimes what scared us hide something priceless, the thing is only how brave you are to face it. Great bgm and dop make me feel the fear, the peace, and also the faith, nice shortmovie, good luck!

CLARISSA - 29/06/2017
Great movie! It expresses a lot of the culture that the fisherman have. I love how he reveals that he sees the ocean not only as his workplace. Everybody should be able to learn from him, how he is very close to God even though he is often away from other people so he doesn't feel like he is exiled.

UZI - 29/06/2017
Great ! I love the point of view from fisherman. When I saw this short film is like I was there. Naration and description about fisherman is good too. When he talking about God, I love it too. Great Job !

SAMSUL ARIFIN - 29/06/2017
The story is represent of almost all fisherman in Indonesia. It's not only talk about how to gain more money for survival, but also how to live in peace. Great shots! The ocean is dangerous but also beautiful.

SETYAOCTA - 29/06/2017
In such short 6 minutes, I could perfectly capture how the sea could mean more than just a 'working place' that serves meal for Sarjono's family. It's his escape, it's his sanctuary. The pictures and music are beautiful, too <3

NAHLA - 29/06/2017
Parfaitement réalisé. L'idée est sobre, sans prétention, c'est plein de poésie, de douceur, de méditation et de simplicité. Le tawakkul à l'indonésienne... tellement de choses en 6 petites minutes. Les plans sont absolument magnifique, et les musiques superbes. Du grand professionnalisme et un vrai sens du Beau.

NADèGE - 28/06/2017
Même si ce film est en compétition avec le miens, je pouvais pas m'abstenir de voter pour. La réalisation, l'authticité du témoignage, nous plonge avec brio dans le quotidien de ce pêcheur et son rapport à la mer. L'Exil peut prendre des formes multiples, en voilà qui donne envie de prendre le large. Beau travail.

SISSY - 28/06/2017
Sarjono nous transporte avec lui dans son univers. Il nous invite à partager ces instants d’intimité. Son isolement renforce sa communion avec Dieu. Une belle ode à la dévotion.A voir et à partager !

NAMELESS - 27/06/2017
Une brise de légèreté sur les rives de l’Indonésie. Un personnage simple, la solitude, le mouvement des vagues... Joko Samudra nous invite à prendre du recule sur les choses, à garder un regard innocent et serein sur l'aspect houleux de la vie.


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