Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

The great scarifies of parents are only meant for providing comfort and better future for their children irrespective of which religion and ethnicity they belong to.
But these compassionate behaviors entirely change when someone abandons his ancestral religion and embraces Islam after accepting the truth.
This true story also evolves round such person.
When he got consciousness and started studying his parental religion, then many questions and doubts started to arise in his mind regarding his ancestral religion and creator which were hard put for his parents and religious books to answer.
In search of righteousness, when he studied the religion of Islam, then all his queries and doubts were vanished and at last Almighty Allah accepted him for his Deen.
The decision of embracing Islam was a hard thing for his parents to accept but their love for ancestral religion overcame the love of children and just because of following the Monotheism, his parents deprived him of home, their kindness and love.

HAMID RAZA - 06/07/2017
Amazing film. Really impressive work. Everything about the movie is superb, loved that. yhe way it delivers the message is simply remarkable. My vote is for this movie. Caught my attention from first second till the last.

MOHAMMAD - 03/07/2017
I was love this film a lot because is crrecte the big difecelt in this world and i wish be creator in this world and the exil is a perfect objet because no body is interrising about it and god help you realesator Rana HASAN MANZOOR


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