Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

The film follows the story of Leila Ahmed, a British anti-war activist, and how she copes with being seperated from a lover stuck in a conflict zone. As her relationships with those around her start to isolate Leila from the world, Leila resorts to writing personal letters to her estranged partner to deal with her grief. ‘The Letter’ explores how exile and conflict can affect people so strongly even thousands of miles away – loosely inspired by true events..

AICHA - 15/07/2017
Tbarklaaaaaaaaaah eliiiiiiiiiiiiik wlaaaaaaaaaaaah ywf9eeeeek inshaaalaaaah wyfooooooz l film hiiiiiit ystaaaaheeel machaaaaaaalaaaaaaah وفقك الله و مزييييدا من التألق و النجاااااااااح ان شاء الله

JOSE LUJAN - 13/07/2017
Beautiful final. the man came back and everything is ok.

ANAïS - 02/07/2017
Salam Ce film m a beaucoup touché. Je trouve les images d'une grande qualité et les acteurs très justes. Le message et profond et authentique. Bravo à toutes les personnes qui ont travaillé sur ce film :-)


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