Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

The story tells about a man who was stranded on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Then, he walked trough the town and sometimes remembered his memories. He came from the city which had many conflict and lead to destruction. Finally in this new city, he found someone that hear his problems and made him more relief. In the reality, what happened was a dream before he died.

REZA MAULANA - 09/07/2017
l like it djj kaye kubb ue kuvsb uysaoab dhuu jaiyeb juehwkoh hehwosn dysujwb dhk j darangnjoib ksj ue jio ekjnby kow aajidjsbbnkakaiehb au suaiok uybjaoi jahagysk hagavayu jwksoak a usiaooaa shdhssi sjaiaoaa svshaiaiaoa ddbskskoaiae ajaiana a dsbahauaavavaaavagahauayaywv auaa agayaua suso

ROBERTO PRANS - 29/06/2017
Nice movie ! I bet everyone must see and watch this movie. Though its just a beginner for the producer but He really able to deliver the point. Each punch lines are perfectly straight to the point, no waste any scene and character. A good movie which has a potential viewers

This film depicts the Aceh calamity and it brought me back to 13 years ago. I hope this film can be brought to an extend that it can tells more Aceh to the world stage. Darang herself is a very talented film artist and this movie may bring her to global stage

RENDRA - 29/06/2017
Nice shot and good CGI for visualize the idea, the story is like when we dreaming about do a thing in there, fliying, drowning or maybe just a fallin but then suddenly wakeup in the reality and realizing we okay. But a bit different in this short movie, he is dieded. 10/10

MHJR - 28/06/2017
Good. Lagak that cerita nyoe. Dua blah jaroe ateuh ulee. Ban mandum geutanyoe tom ta rasa gadoh, dan akan ta rasa lom gadoh nyan. Ban mandum ta woe bak Po Allah. Beu leu meudoa dan ingat keu Po Teuh Allah.

SARI SATRIANI - 28/06/2017
Nice collaboration ,Simple but nice 3d,Good story,Shopiscated plot. It can make us rethink what we should do. Forgive the passed and plann the future.We proud to both of you, we always hope the best for you all. Keep it up dear

Sometimes you feel lonely, realize that you have a lot of problems. Once you make up your mind, everything is so simple. You just need time to forgive yourself, which is the most difficult one in our lives.

ANTON HILMAN - 28/06/2017
Je ne suis pas les fans d’un ou des films mais quand je regarde ce film, je l’aime bien. L’image, le son et les carracteres donnes dans ce film sont tres bien projetes ainsi que l’histoire de ce film est tres touchante/empuvante. Je vous suggere de regarder ce film en choissant ce film pour gagner le prix. Je suis sur que ce film est l’un des meilleurs.

MIZLA SADRINA - 27/06/2017
Assalamualaikum. Sebagai penikmat film saya suka film ini. Kadangkala ide sperti ini mungkin sering kita temui tapi tidak pernah kita tuangkan. semangat buat ka darang dan teman-teman. Semoga sukses!

CLANA - 27/06/2017
Assalamualaikum.. Saya tidak begitu paham tentang film namun harapan saya film ini bisa mengispirasi dan mendapatkan tempat yg layak di hati penonton. Semogaa menang dan bisa terus berkarya dan mengharumkan nama negara.. good luck..

TITIK ULFATUN - 27/06/2017
This short film is very meaningful. It reminds us that we must remember our God in every condition. Besides, it tells us that as a good human, we must help each others. We must care with our surroundings.

good stories, i think this movie tell us about losing something..tell us to never give up about our lives and tell us that so many good peoples that want to help us out there. so, i got so many point in this movie

V. FAUZIA R. - 27/06/2017
This movie telling the conflict nations condition sucssesfuly with different vision and plot. It's quite unique with some simple 3d animation scenes that strenghten the story. Overall, it's good short movie

MIRA TRI RAHAYU - 26/06/2017
This movie reminds me of dream and life. Sometimes we think we almost reach out our dream but it just disappears like dust in the air because we never go somewhere. We just still stand in the same place because of a variety reasons. Well, that's a live I guess.

SARENA - 26/06/2017
Assalamualaikum. I can say this short fiction has emotional visuals. The story has deep meaning. I hope this film can inspire many people. I also like the visuals of animation in this film eventhough it is too simple. But i think so far it is quite enough. Good luck.


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