Je soutiens ce film - I support this shortfilm - أدعم هذا الفلم

4 years old Sana gets kidnapped and tells us her story. We learn through her perspective that, the feeling of living in exile, is almost the same feeling as separating a mother from her child.

ROUCH - 10/07/2017
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BELSAM - 29/06/2017
This is a beautiful piece of film that I wish everyone would see. The story, the actors, the settings, everything was very well put together. This creator will go very very far. I wish her all the best <3

TARA - 28/06/2017
I loved the metaphores used in this movie. Amazing little acter! The story was deep and filled with emotions that the director of the movie managed to show off really well. Editing was super. A movie that i a few minutes captured millions of emotions.

TIHAMA - 27/06/2017
As a swedish muslim, with syrian origin, I can really relate to this short movie. The feeling of living in exile is perfectly described in this metaphore, genius! Also, very beautifully filmed it touches your heart.

NIAZI MOHAMED - 27/06/2017
Very nice film, Very emotional. This approach of Exile is original and intelligent. This short let us understand what an exiler can feel. The little girl plays very well she seem's to be a great actrice. We hope this film to have the success considered to this good work

NAJLA - 26/06/2017
I found this short very informative and emotionally gripping! It expresses a very complex message in a very clear an simple way. It left the viewer wanting more, but still with a clear picture. Well done! And that little girl, she deserves an Oscar!

FADIA ALZGHOUL - 26/06/2017
فلم رائع ومعبر عن واقع الناس ولي ناس يمكن تقدر تلاىم حياتها للوضع الي عايشينه ويمكن ناس ما تقدر وتستسلم بسهوله ويموت الأمل داخلها وتموت داخلها الحياه . الانسان مفطور على الدافعية وحب الحياه بس بحاجه لإراده والتعلم حتى يقدر يغير نمط حياته السيء

BOUDOUR - 25/06/2017
I liked how this film simplified the very complicated word exile and its very complex world, by liking it to the struggle of separation from ones mother. The acting, choice of word and the general feel of the film was very touching.

ARIF - 25/06/2017
The meaning that I get from this film is very touching and hits my emotional side of me and love how the film express the character developement in terms of child to adult and how it strave for changes(Wanting to leave)!


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